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fault code f-70


mhwe300vw00  torn boot and fault code f-70  any help thank you

Earl Dryer:
I don't find that code BUT when you remove the top of the machine to access the boot to tub clamp you will see the tech sheet which will give those codes. My guess is that is the fault code saying you have a water leak,sensed by a moisture sensor on the bottom of the machine.

Unplug the 3-wire plug at the top of the motor control unit.  If the code disappears, replace the MCU, W10384846. Of course, replace your door boot first so you don't kill your new MCU.

I agree with tgoods,


If a Central Control Unit Heartbeat Failure is displayed, no communication is detected from the Central Control Unit to the User Interface.

Possible Causes/Procedure
1. Check for continuity of the User Interface harness.
2. Check wire harness connections to the User Interface and the Central Control Unit.
3. If the drum is not rotating, unplug the MCU from the CCU
(the MI3 or M13 connector). If the code disappears, replace the MCU. If the code does not disappear, replace the CCU.
4. Replace User Interface if drum is rotating.

I have attached a copy of the tech sheet.


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