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Washer doesnt spin


I have a Maytag washing machine model A408.  When the machine is started, it begins and agitates fine.  However, when it gets to when the agitate cycle is over and it should spin out, the following happens.  You hear the switches going through their normal "clicking" progression but when it gets time to spin out you hear the motor hum but nothing happens.  If left on its own the motor will hum till the overload goes out. The switches and timer will continue like they should and since the motor is tripped, the wash cycle will end will a full tub of soapy water.  However, if I can catch it before the motor overload goes out and advance the control to the final spin setting...that spin cycle works fine.  Just seems like it only happens after the agitate cycle.  I have removed the belts and checked the motor, drain pump and drive pulleys to see if they spin freely and they appear to do so.  The drive pulley is a little hard to spin.  I am at a loss to why it will do the final spin but not the one after the agitate cycle.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

That sounds like a timer problem, 204889.

The timer continues throughout the entire cycle.  You can hear the switches going through their "clicking" progression.  Thats why I thought the timer was OK.  The problem is that the motor trips out on overload after the agitate cycle but not during the final rinse.  I wouldnt think the timer would be involved with the motor overloading tho...would it?

Some of the older Maytag motors had a motor switch that contacts that would get pitted. I have removed the 2 screws ( with power off of course) on the switch and the cover on the switch will lift off (you will see a thin edge on the cover,don't separate the switch ! just remove the cover) you don't even need to remove the wires ,clean the contacts if burned and check it again.


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