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Maytag Coin Op 30 LB Stacked Gas Dryers from 1998

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Hello, I am new to your forums and there is a lot of information here.  Maybe someone can help me find some information on this dryer.  I have an opportunity to purchase these units and would like to know any service issues or service notes to watch out for.  The seller wasn't able to provide me with a model number (yet).  Is there anyone who knows or can direct me to what models were manufactured by Maytag in 1998?  I have a picture I can compare it to.

Many thanks



Post the model number when you get it.

With all due respect, I would guess that the number of model number, even for 30 lb gas coin longer than would fit on the thread here!   There were possibly many similarities, so some of the old timers may be able to give you some hints.  Stay tuned,

Seems to me that a 14 year old coin op has probably used up 8 of its 9 lives.   I hope you get these for a song, because you wouldn't want to shell out serious money, and within weeks need new motors, gas valves, etc etc.

Most common trouble as an aluminum pulley on the motor falls apart. Only avail. On the motor as a unit.

Thanks for your reply's.. Actually the price I am getting for them is very good as they are coming from a Laundromat reno and were working when taken out of service (3 months ago).  The main reason for wanting the part numbers is because these units are Natural Gas and I need to convert them to Propane (I am a licenced Gasfitter) for my laundromat.  They are replacing 4 Speedqueen 30EG's which I have kept maintained and have served me well.  However my business has increased, thus my need to double my dryer capacity.  There are also 3 Wasco Dryers of the same year they are including..

Thanks for the advice on the pulley, I will make sure to check them out.



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