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Whirlpool Washer Won't Spin, makes Humming Noise

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--- Quote from: webberpeter on December 03, 2012, 10:37:20 PM ---Today, My wife tried to run a load, the load got to the point of rinse (and filled the tub), but stopped there.
--- End quote ---

  So, it didn't go into agitate? Did the motor hum at that point? Have you tried spin mode with empty tub and pump removed? Have you tried different speed settings to determine if it's happening only at a certiain speed? (3-speed motor)


Earl Dryer:
Sound to me like a bad Start/Run Capacitor.

  The capacitor is a start capacitor only and may very well be damaged now that it has repeatedly been energized for long periods of time. Normally, this capacitor is in the circuit for less than a second while the motor gets up to speed, at which point it is switched out by the centrifugal switch. Start capacitors are not designed for continuous use and can be damaged very quickly if left energized.


Does this unit have a motor speed switch? That is always a possibility. If so, change the speed selection and see if it will preform normally. Check your pump for obstruction. Keep it simple.


  Already suggested that  ::)


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