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Whirlpool Washer Won't Spin, makes Humming Noise

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Thanks for the input.. I ran though the parts, and from my best guess it was either a clutch or the start capacitor (no speed switch on this motor). I too the cap to repairclinic, they tested it and it was fine. Their suggestion was to replace the motor.... so I did... and it's working great...

I'm not really happy about it... I did the trans 6 months ago, and debated heavily at that point just replacing the machine... now I'm almost 400$ in parts into this think in the past year... Just waiting for the timer to go out on it...

That's cool that you live close enough to RepairClinic that you we're able to stop in and have them check the capacitor.

Glad to hear you got it running again, thanks for the update.  O0


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