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Whirlpool Washer Won't Spin, makes Humming Noise

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I have a whirlpool washer model gsq9344eq0. A few months back I replaced the transmission, it was quite dead. When the trans was replaced, one half of the motor drive coupler assembly (the three prong white piece on the trans side and the black coupler piece) was also replaced. Three days ago, the basin was not spinning, although the motor sounded as if it was. I pulled the motor off and found that the axle on the motor had stripped out the plastic piece on the coupler. I replaced that part (With the new metal/plastic hybrid piece). I was able to run the washer for 5-6 loads. In hindsight, I feel like I may have smelled a faint 'burning' smell (at the time, I blew it off as dust burning off in the motor. Today, My wife tried to run a load, the load got to the point of rinse (and filled the tub), but stopped there.

After draining the basin and fiddling with it. I was able to observe the motor humming while in the spin cycle.  I took the whole thing apart, and found no mechanical binding: I can spin the basin by hand from the brake, I can spin the basin by hand from the transmission/clutch, I can spin the basin by hand from the motor/axle)
I ran the motor while disconnected from the transmission and the pump, and it spins freely. Once i reassembled things, I can still spin everthing freely by hand-- but when the motor attempts to engage, it hum. . .

I looked at the clutch and do not see anything obviously wrong with it (what should I be looking for). I also tested the start capacitor using the procedures found around the net, and it seems okay (granted, I don't have the equipment to test the quality of the cap, just that its working).  What else should I be looking at, or could it still be one of these two?

thanks for the help!

Could be a bad connection on the wire harness were it plugs into the motor. Well the motor is humming wiggle the wire harness were it plugs into the motor to see if the motor will kick in and run.

Tried, same result.

To clarify , if I removed the coupler to the trans it does spin...

So the motor runs during the agitation cycle, but only hums in the spin cycle?

If so I would disconnect the motor from the washer, but leave the wire harness plugged in. Then well the motor is humming see if you can give the shaft a spin by hand to get the motor running. If you can't spin it by hand at that point because it seems like the motor shaft is locked up then I would replace the timer, part # 3951912


--- Quote from: webberpeter on December 03, 2012, 10:55:22 PM ---Tried, same result.

To clarify , if I removed the coupler to the trans it does spin...

--- End quote ---

Sorry, just read the second line. Long day I should have went to bed a hour ago...

Hmm, seems something is physically keeping the motor from turning then.


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