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sears dryer model 110.66812690 wont stay on

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this sears dryer will start if you push the start button down but the second you let off the start button off it stops. homeowner is drying clothes by putting a brick on start button for the complete cycle and it dries fine, motor heating element etc. all work fine.  replaced start switch and nothing changed,same result. confused did notice this unit has a littleprinted circuit  board about the size of a playing card in the corner of console. dont know if this coul be the problem or not. oh before i forget homeowner said saturday it was really bizarre because it worked fine without neccessity for the brick two out of the five loads they dried . it had never done that before but now its back to brick time again. any help appreciated.

Sounds like the motor centrifugal switch is stuck or inop. It could be clogged with lint or just not working. If the switch on the motor is bad, the motor needs to be replaced.

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yeah that thought occured to me but in the past when ive had that be the case i usually got that slight delay or even a momentary dragging sound before it starts. this one starts strong on first slight touch of start switch and they evidently can run it for 4 or 5 hours of almost non stop drying and the motor never gets hot and cuts off. i know that doesnt mean it cant be motor switch but usually when ive had motor switch problems when you open it up the motor is encased in lint and looks like a lint ball in the middle of the dryer. any feedback appreciated.

I would replace the motor, part # 279827 and move on to the next call.



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