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Thanks in advance for any help given.

Bought this washer off Craig's list from party that didn't want to spend $180
for service call. Washer is less than two years old and looks new.
They had warranty work done 1 year ago at $450, and they didn't want to risk
a big service charge for repairs.
Thought this would give me something to tinker with, since my washer
is 15 years old and very noisy.

What happens is, washer starts normally and seems to run normally through
the prewash, then drains, refills, then steps to normal wash cycle. I hear the detergent door open,
then after about a minute, the wash led goes out, the cancell/drain led lights,
the tub drains, then all leds are off and all stops.
Does the same thing regardless of any cycle chosen.

I set the washer up in my garage to try to diagnose, and have connected to
cold water faucet. I did pour hot water in tub to begin wash, but of course
the second cycle fills with cold water. Don't know if that is an issue.
People I bought this from, said this is what was happening, quitting mid cycle.

Just for reference, does this machine have heater that heats water, in addition
to the heat element for drying.

Any info on where to find Tech Sheet/ Diagnostic procedure, for this, would be appreciated.
Kitchenaid site doesn't seem helpful.

Also, is anyone aware of any issues with this machine. Looking at some reviews on
this, it appears some folks think this is a LEMON.
Still appears they're selling this model, listing it over $700.


All dishwashers need hot water for all cycles.
All dishwashers have heating element to heat the water and dry the dishes, but it's designed to only help raise the temp a few degrees.
So you can't fill the dishwasher with cold water at any point and expect the heating element to bring it up to the correct temperature.

I have attached a copy of the tech sheet to this post for you to download.

Thanks for the info AJ, I appreciate it.
Previous owner replaced Elect Control last year,
so don't know if this is same problem.
If so, don't know that I'll invest in this machine.
Could be just a lemon.
I'll let you know what I determine, after I come up with
a way to get hot water to garage, easily.
Don't want to go through work of swapping with my
working washer in kitchen.

Thanks again for your help.

Repaced circuit board and washer functions properly now.
However now have two leds illuminated at a low level at all times
while washer is idle.
This doesn't affect operation of unit.
It's like some type of residual voltage of some type, that illuminates led.

Could this be an issue with the touch pad panel?????
Won't replace it, till it causes a problem.

Thanks for help.

I would double check the connection on the board you replaced.
Unplug and reconnect it to make sure it's not a bad connection causing problems.

Thanks for the update.


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