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GE JS905SK Range/Oven Parts Manual


Does anyone know where I can find the/a parts manual for the GE JS905SK range/oven?

Thanks in advance!

What's wrong with it? What part are you looking for?


--- Quote from: AJ on December 02, 2012, 10:44:32 PM ---What's wrong with it? What part are you looking for?

--- End quote ---

The warming element on the stovetop no longer works. I'm thinking it's probably just a quick replacement. That being said, actually getting to the element may not be as quick.

I'm not familiar with this model, but here is the parts diagram.

GE Range JS905SK1SS Parts Diagram

Maybe another tech can provide us with some additional information.

Thanks, i appreciate the link.

Not looking forward to the work though.  :thanks:


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