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Dishwasher Whirlpool GU2500XTPB7 not working


Whirlpool GU2500XTPB7 dishwasher ***Need tech notes and manual

I was having intermittent problems with it not pumping out, and I would open and shut the dishwasher and it would start and finish the whole cycle.

Yesterday , it did they same and then would not drain. I chose the drain and cancel. It drained and then I got 1H code which I thought was a 1 hour delay.

I chose POT & PANS and was going to select the heat button , but The Normal Cycle Button started Blinking.....Was trying to reset the panel.

I turn off the circuit breaker overnight

I turn the circuit breaker on ...then have the number 2 in the timer and starts trying to drain.
Then I see 1H again and that goes out after a minute. Then the Normal Cycle Button started Blinking.

I would like to know how to troubleshoot this, not be a parts changer.

Earl Dryer:
Remove the bottom panel, a tech sheet should be located on the back side of panel.

I have attached the tech sheet.   You probably have a stuck key on the console. The tech sheet should help you confirm it.


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