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one more "kenmore washer not spinning" thread


Hello. just wanted to say what a great resource this forum. and also my washer isnt spinning. basically it agitates and empties but it really struggles to spin. without a load it seems to spin fine but once its fully loaded it refuses to spin on its own.  i help it along but it never reaches full speed. i took it apart and changed the coupler. the old one seemed fine. it was in good condition but i figured id change it anyways just in case. it didnt make a difference. i suspect that the clutch might be to blame because i can see the clutch spinning when the machine is on but the tub wont spin. anyways any advice or tips would be appreciated. thanks

model: kenmore 110.29812890

Sounds like "clutch time" from here :)

replacing the clutch is no big deal. Very easy job. You must first yank the agitator out, then the transmission. The clutch mounts right on the transmission.

Awesome! thanks for all the help guys. I'll be fixin it sometime this week. thanks again for the advice


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