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Help Wiring Trane Thermostat TCONT802AS32DAA

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I am installing a Trane thermostat  TCONT802AS32DAA. I have Black, White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, and Blue color wires. Under the thermostat I have now, Black is under "E", White is under "Aux", Blue is under "C". All the other colors are in their slot under the same color name.
The Trane thermostat is confusing. There is a section for the heat pump and a section for heat/cool. The section for the heat pump has y2, f, x2, w1, s1, s2, rc, r, o, y, g, and b slots. The section for the heat/cool is y2, w2, s1, s2, rc, r, w1, y, g, and b. I'm not sure where my 7 wires should go. Please help.

We need to know the brand and model number of the system you are running.
It may be a 2 stage unit. If so,it wires differently than a single stage unit. We already know you have a heat pump because of your Orange wire.

Post some photos of the old thermostat and the new one

The AC Unit is a Trane XE1000.

This is the TCONT802AS32DAA:

The outside section is for heat pump and it has y2, f, x2, w1, s1, s2 on the left and rc, r, o, y, g, b on the right.
The inside is heat/cool and it has y2, w2, s1, s2 on the left and rc, r, w1, y, g, b on the right

This is the Honeywell one that is installed now:

Thats E, AUX, Y, G, O, L, R, B, C. Black is in E. White is in AUX. Blue is under C. The other color wires are in the section of the same color name.

Put your WHITE on W1 put the BLACK on W2.
All other wires are color coded.


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