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Ice maker on refrigerator not working

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hey, actually, can I ask you just one other question? 
I hadn't mentioned this, but when I first noticed the problem, the first things I realized were that the water filter hadn't been changed in a while, and there was an ice plug in the water delivery line.  Since then, while I've been troubleshooting this, I've left the ice maker on, it spins but no water at the end of the cycle (I've removed the water filter so that it's under full pressure), but I've continued to get some ice plugs in the delivery line that I've had to clear out every so often.
So, if the water valve mechanically went bad because the water filter hadn't been changed (which would explain dribbling water and ice plugs), would it be possible that the extra voltage when I jump V and L would be enough to open a mechanically (as oppposed to electrically) bad valve (or is that what you were suggesting)?

sorry I never got back to this.  just wanted to post the results in case it helps anyone else.  I purchased the oem water valve used on ebay, got a pretty good deal on it.  and it worked perfect; there was nothing wrong with the icemaker assembly or the module, it was just the water valve that needed replaced.  thanks again for your help!

Thanks for the update. Ice blocking the fill tube means a drippy water valve. Forming a stalagmite. Seen it.


Thanks for the update.   O0


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