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Ice maker on refrigerator not working

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The ice maker on my whirlpool ED22TEXHW00 is not working. When I jump T and H, it runs through a complete cycle, but water does not come out of the fill tube at the end of the cycle. But, when I jump V and L, water does come out of the fill tube. If I pour water in manually, water freezes, auger spins, heat coil heats, ice pops out. But no water out the full tube. I would think it was a bad water valve, but water comes out just fine when I jump V and L. I thought maybe low pressure/bad filter, but same thing happens with the filter removed. I thought the IM module might be bad, so I replaced the entire ice maker assembly, but it's still doing the same thing!
Any suggestions?

The only thing left is the water inlet valve.  When the icemaker cycles, the power going to the valve is in series with the mold heater.  There is a voltage drop of about 12 to 14 volts.  It's possible the valve will work with 120vac. but not 106vac.

When you jump V and L, does that bypass the mold heater (120vac)?


ok... sigh.  it's an expensive part, wish there was a way to test that idea first.  that seems to be the most reasonable explanation I've heard, though.  I haven't tried to actually read the schematic for the IM module, but it sounds like the only difference between connecting to the water valve by jumping V-L and connecting to the water valve automatically at the end of a cycle, is the voltage drop through the heat coil.  I'll give it a shot, thx!


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