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How To Become A Home Appliance Repair Technician

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Thats why i did not become a doctor because of all this money that i am making.

In smaller markets as the family business owners retire it seems less likely that the business will stay in the family therefor they may close their doors. This is plus to the one man show tech. Keep your eyes on your decided upon service area as you may be able to benefit from the lost service and camp your services. Own an older in good shape van instead of leasing and use a gps, make your own repairs as needed to your vehicle to help save money. Never skimp on image with logo and wear a nice uniform. Trust in your quality of workmanship and hopefully with time in your rep will be great and you can make a good living after cost factors. $ 2000 a week you say lol

"In smaller markets as the family business owners retire" <<<<This pertains to the appliance business.....


8 simple steps.   No offence to his ideals.   I have been at it 30 years,  and I found out long ago there is only one.    Treat your customer right, charge a reasonable rate,  do what you say you will do,  and last but not least,  if they complain, tell them to pay you what they think your worth.   We have all had our ups and downs,  but in todays times,  the customer can look things up,  costs, etc, so being honest, and fair will keep you in business,  and for a very long time to.   Brent@CanBC


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