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Temperature alarm not working on Whirlpool Model EV161NZTQ freezer

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to me, it looks like the Alarm is mounted on the Compressor Pan, to the right of the Compressor

Yes, that is the way it looks in the parts diagram, but it is 100% wrong, as nothing is even close to that area other than the compressor, compressor parts and the pan itself.

The front diagram is also 100% wrong when it shows the defrost timer being in the front area, but in reality, it is located in the rear, right vertical panel when viewed front the front of the freezer.

These parts diagrams do NOT give exact locations for the parts, to be sure.  That's why I'm guessing the temperature buzzer is located in the evaporator area.  I'll find out soon when I try it.


--- Quote from: turbobob on November 29, 2012, 10:34:29 PM ---Alarm buzzer does not work
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and you've heard it work in the past ?

Yes, it has worked in the past.  The freezer was involved in a power surge that also damaged the evaporator fan.  I replaced the fan but never noticed what else was in that area, so everything else was put back together. 

Then I noticed the alarm was not working and was mis-led by the parts diagram into thinking it was located in the back by the compressor area.  Nothing is back there that would have the 4 color leads and the thermocouple sensor on it.  Also took a while to get a picture of what the alarm buzzer looked like, so that hindered my search.

That is why I feel it is in the evaporator coil area, because it isn't anyplace else.  I have the part and will eventually take the freezer apart to get to the evaporator coil area, and hopefully it will be there.


--- Quote from: turbobob on December 24, 2012, 12:09:06 PM ---... That is why I feel it is in the evaporator coil area
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you would think it's "external" so you could hear it ...


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