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Leaking GE washer

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the inner tub is stationary when agitating then releases operations all seem normal except for the super load size This new style im not to sure on operation of the inner tub sort of like a rachet action?

Are they using a H.E soap.

It will leak if they are using to much soap and liquefy and look like water.G.E also has had that suds overflow tube on there washer for 40 years or more.The funny part is when i work for G.E 38 years ago and it leak water out of the overflow washer on the old style washer.My supervisor would tell us to permagum in the tube but don't let customer see you.Some fix.

Are you sure that the basket isn't spinning while agitating.....I have come across this before.

All Brand:
sorry for the late response computer issues? Problem was the tub spinning during agitation causing water to run down the suds tube only on xtra high water setting.The fix for this is trans?


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