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Have a GE washer Model WJRE5500G2WW water on lg loads comes down the suds overflow tube.Thought water level to high not the case.Replace the gasket flood head with no change .Has anyone run in to this problem thxs Dave

Sounds like washer is spinning without draining properly. Unit should drain and then spin, unless it's 20 years old. The old style would drain and spin at the same time. Take the front off and watch it during a wash. Good luck. Let us know. O0

Check the air dome for an obstruction as it may let it fill too high. Done 3 and this solved all 3.

All Brand:
Went back today drains fine and doesnt spin with water in it..Filled fine doesnt leak till we go super size loads. When agitating that's when water is coming out the suds overflow tube Does not leak on lg at lease for the 15 min i ran it.I change the pressure switch check dome and hose all fine So it leaks when agitating? and only super sized.

Is the Mode shifter Disengaging for agitation ?


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