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ge profile washer GE wpre8150h1wt wont agitate or spin

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--- Quote from: waldipup on December 01, 2012, 09:37:34 AM ---dont want to buy and find out it is the transmission thing in center of unit that is bad .
--- End quote ---

  That's the mode shifter, there is no transmission. You could check the mode shifter coil winding by unplugging the 2 conductor plug at the motor and check resistance across the red and yellow wires. Should be 98 ohms.


Thanks , I knew it wasn't a transmission , just couldn't remember "mode shifter" .

  Will try to check .

Haven't got a chance to check the mode shifter resistance yet .

  With the green light on the motor blinking 4 times (which at least eliminates the inline fuse being the culprit) , and the symptoms being no agitate or spin , (but fills with water and pumps it out) , I'm thinking that the problem is either the motor is blown , the mode shifter is blown - or both .

  When I'd first turned it on (after being under 14" of salt water) , it blew the GFCI , but now fills and pumps .

  If just the motor , I'll replace it as it's not too difficult - if the mode shifter - FUHGETTABOUDID!

Any thoughts appreciated .   

Under saltwater and 14 inches and all the connection on motor that were under water will be corroded or will corrode at some point .Let it go buy a new washer.And a short that happen when you plug it in.Not good.I think your looking for trouble .My opinion.

I dont disagree Dab , but the connections to the motor are tight , and if it's the motor only that's bad , and not the mode shifter , replacement of the motor may work , I dont see any other electrical parts up to the 14" mark . My concern is that the mode shifter is , or may go bad , dont want to bother replacing that , and the 4 green light pattern on the motor diagnostic may refer to the mode shifter .

But the tub is not "locked" , I can spin it by hand , and I thought I'd read that a bad mode shifter "locks" it in place .


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