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ge profile washer GE wpre8150h1wt wont agitate or spin

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O but I do blame the manufactures, the quality of manufacturing is silly. I agree the government helped start this but they could still make better quality units.Look at what some of the CEO;s are paid.

Look at Speed Queen, proof they can make a good machine. It may not be super energy saver but other new machines having a life of say 5 years will never even offset the energy it took to build the machine or recycle it at the end. Man I miss the Dependable Care Maytags!

While efficiency requirements are problematic , they are no excuse for the garbage they make today .
Electronic boards repeatedly defective are manufacturer based , not efficiency standard based . Ditto a myriad of faulty and short lived parts .

Like I really need an electronic washine machine to add to breakdowns , as if simple mechanical dials and operation are too much trouble in exchange for many years of reliability . I need a several hundred dollar per repair electronic control design to render the machine a throw away at the first breakdown . 


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