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ge profile washer GE wpre8150h1wt wont agitate or spin

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water fills and pumps out , but wont agitate or spin , belt good and can turn manually . Was under 14" saltwater in Sandy .

Motor green light showed code 6 at first , but then code 4 - could fuse be the problem?(cant find it) . Tried opening and closing lid 12 times to reset but didnt help . Dont really want to invest in new motor (too expensive) or transmission (too much work) .

If your seeing the green light on the motor, then the fuse is good. The fuse is on the right hand side wrapped in black tape along with several other wires. If the fuse is blown, unplug washer and replace. If it's a manual mechanical timer, turn point indicator to nine o'clock position and then plug in and immediately lift lid (at least two inches high)and close 8 times within 10 seconds. This is my procedure. Good luck. Let us know. O0

 Your shifter coil is probably bad, but I would check the conection at the motor.seen alot of bad conection

Buy a new machine .14 inches of salt water the motor and inverter was underwater.Time to buy new.Sorry to here that .We had 9 days no power with sandy.

Did the 9 0 clock plugin and 8x thing , but no cigar .

Found a used but good motor/inverter for 80 bucks , would go with that if sure that was the problem as washer fills and pumps , but dont want to buy and find out it is the transmission thing in center of unit that is bad . If nothing worked I'd just throw it out but it's such a tease that it
a-l-m-o-s-t works .

  I plugged and tried too soon , popping circuit breaker at first - should have dried thoroughly before trying , as later I got some functions , maybe would be working if initially tried fully dryed out .

  Appreciate all the advice guys .     


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