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Maytag CRG9700BAL ignitor switch replacement & burner removal

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Thanks again.  Picked up a rubber strap wrench at Harbor Freight for $5 and removed the heads.  Problem with that tool is that it sort of crushes the ignitor but even so it still works OK after replacing it. Can't see any way to avoid the pressure on the ignitor from the strap. 

Greatly appreciate your help as well as the availability of forums like this one.


I put the strap around the top of the burner head away from the probe.

Don't see how that is possible on these burners as the igniter comes almost to the top of the burner.  The only way to do that would be to grab only the "cap" part of the burner which goes over the igniter and is maybe 1/16th of an inch.  Not much area to grab with that rubber strap. I tried but wasn't able to grab it over the igniter.

Here's another question for you (last one, I promise).  It seems the burner CAP can be removed for cleaning.  How does that come off?

I angle the strap. The cap meaning the piece of metal covering just the top of the burner head? Those should just lift off. Some come with caps some don't, so you may have one that the cap is part of the burner


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