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Maytag CRG9700BAL ignitor switch replacement & burner removal

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How do I remove the top of the stove to get access to the ignitor switch?

It seems obvious one of the many(?) things I have to do is "unscrew" ALL the sealed burners.  Is there a special tool needed to do this? What else needs to be done.  Don't want to bite off more than I can handle.  :)


Let me clarify a bit.  I need to replace the individual ignitor switch for 1 single burner (front right).

Yes all 4 burner heads come off 2 screws on 2 burners and 1 on the others. Top will lift off. I have a tool for burner head removal but use the cheap rubber strap wrench and it works better. As you see on TV thing,got it at Harbor Freight tools.

Thanks .. are you saying there are screws ON the burner heads that need to be removed before "unscrewing" them or that there are screws UNDER the burners AFTER removing them?  I don't see any visible screws on the burner.  Does the ENTIRE burner as a complete unit get unscrewed?


Under them after the burner heads are removed. Turn head CCW about 3/4 to 1 inch and lift.


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