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MHWE200XW - Washer will not run the wash cycle


  I was checking this Maytag washer, on the control panel I can select the wash cycles; however when the START button is depressed nothing happens.
There are NO error codes in the history log.... the DIAGNOSTIC TEST run to completion and still no error codes.
Why won't this machine run in the normal operation mode ?

Disconnect the three wire plug at the top of the motor control.  If the washer starts, you have a bad motor control, W10384843.

I disconnected the three wire plug from the motor control, condition did not change ' the washer still will not run' and there are NO error code in the log....... HELP

Okay, that rules out the motor control.  It's going to be either the user interface board or the main control board. I had a similar Whirlpool washer recently where I was able to check the board mounted start switch with a meter. I'm not sure if that's easy to do with this model. In that case, the start button was getting flaky before it went out completely.  You should check your connections between the boards, remove and reinstall the plugs. Just to be sure, you are pressing and holding the start button, right?

I checked all the connections to the Electronic Board and the interface board, I also did a continuity test on the start switch (switch is OK). After reconnecting the electronic the washer runs....however the washer runs for three wash cycles and then the condition returns.

I ordered and replaced the Electronic Board....again the washer runs for three wash cycles and then the condition returns.


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