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Samsung RFG297AABP/XAA Cooling issues


I am hoping to get some much needed help. I have been waiting for Samsung Authorized service for over 2 weeks and can not get a firm commitment on a date and can't wait any longer. I have a 3.5 year old french door fridge that does not cool the freezer and only cools the fridge to 48 degrees. I have run self diagnostics several times and have only showed the following errors 1 time and all in order.
They are all in position F1 (Freezer): Numbers 1, 2, 4, 7. I have performed all the F1 A through G voltage and ohm checks with everything in range. I followed up with voltage checks on all F10, R1 and R10 as well and all fall in the normal ranges.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.
Thank You

How old is it?
Have you check the condenser coils to make sure they are clean?
Is the condenser fan motor running? Is the freezer fan running?

Thanks for the reply AJ

Yes to all 3 of your questions. I just checked the resistance and voltages on the rest of the sensors and found the upper ice room sensor a little out of range. Could this possibly be causing both the freezer and the fridge to act in the manner I am experiencing?
I have read about numerous unresolved issues with these Samsung twin cooling french door refrigerators and it concerns me.


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