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Frigadaire md # frs3hr35kw0.  When icemaker water valve is energized the dispenser valve also energizes. Could this be a faulty diode?


Yes...below is from the service manual.  Could not upload manual because it was too large.
Hope this helps.

Water Valve
Next Generation models have 1 dual coil valve and 1 single
coil valve (see figure H1). The green coil on dual coil valve
is for the ice maker and the yellow coil is for the water
dispenser. The beige coil on the single coil valve is
energized for both water for the ice maker and water for
the dispenser. Plastic tubing connects the primary water
valve to the filter, water tank and to the secondary valve.
On models with a single coil valve for a primary, you have
2 diodes in the wiring harness connecting the coil of the
single coil valve to the 2 coils of the dual coil valve. The
diodes are used to prevent current leakage from opening
both coils on the dual coil valve everytime the single coil
valve is energized.
If a diode is shorted, when the single coil valve opens,
current leakage through the shorted diode will cause both
coils on the secondary valve to open and you’ll have water
going into the ice maker and coming out the door at the
same time. If the the diode fails in the open position, the
coil on your secondary valve will open, but the coil on the
primary valve will not. As a result, you will not get water to
the ice maker or dispenser. Both doides can be checked
with an ohmmeter to see if they are opened or shorted.
The coils on all water valves can be checked with an
ohmmeter to see if the coils are opened or shorted. If the
coil checks bad, replace the coil. If the coils check good
and water pressure is between 20-120 psi, and the valve
will not allow water to flow through, replace valve. It is not
necessary to replace the whole valve assembly if one coil
is bad. The two valves can be separated by inserting a
screwdriver at point A in Figure H1.

Thank you joebeef. This confirms my suspension of leakage or feedback. I will post the results. Thanks again. O0

Update: faulty diode. Thanks joebeef. O0

Is there a part number for the diode or do you have to get it at radio shack ? Or some place like radio shack.


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