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MAYTAG Model # MAV7700AWW won't spin, just makes buzzing noise


My Maytag washer, Model # MAV7700AWW, that I've had problems with in the past with the spin cycle, will not spin at all. I had a repairman put in a thrust bearing kit. The spin never spun enough and would spin sometimes and not others. I am not one to overload the washer so that's not a problem. Is this model just a junk and should I just buy a new one or is this worth repairing and if so, what to do? If it's done, what is the best top loading washer these days with an agitator as now I hear Whirlpool bought out Maytag and its at the bottom of their line. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

How long after the thrust bearing kit was installed did this start happening?

I would remove the belt and see if the motor runs during the spin cycle. If it does then you know the motor is ok and something is keeping it from spinning. Maybe something stuck between the basket and tub or something stuck in the pump. See if you can turn the pump pulley by hand. Could even be something with the thrust bearing yet. See if you can turn the main drive pulley by hand.


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