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Stove Burner Won't Shut Off

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Does your stove have a bridge burner between the two left burners? If the bridge burner is staying on that would be the P10 terminal on the relay board. If you don't use that burner, you could just disconnect it. The relay board is a little expensive.  You could save a lot of money and replace just the relay but you would need soldering skills and to source the part.

If it's the center element of the right front burner that stays on, that would be BR-10 wire at terminal P1 on the relay board. Turn off power and disconnect each suspected wire one by one until the burner doesn't stay on.

It is the middle element of the 3-element right-front burner.  If I disconnect and then reconnect the wire, will that reset the stuck relay and make it usable again?  Or are you saying to just disconnect the wire to that middle element permanently so that we just wouldn't be able to use it?  If disconnecting/reconnecting the wire doesn't reset the stuck relay and we want to fix it, since I have NO electronics (soldering experience), I assume that I would need to replace the "Surface Unit Control" board, correct?

Okay, I think I understand now. That would be the T-10 wire connected to terminal P12 at the relay board. The contacts have welded together, disconnecting and reconnecting the terminal will not fix it.  You can also have the board repaired at or  The downside is you will not have the use of your range while it is being repaired.  Post the numbers off the relay, I'll see if I can find a source for it.


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