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Seeking Control Panel for AEW4530DDB

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Earl Dryer:
Guess I just "assumed" :oops:  too much. Not knowing what issues he is having, I guess I shouldn't assume, sorry my bad!

Earl Dryer:
Just saw the other post with the same model #, that was good advice replace the module, keypad is probably OK.

I called and left a detailed message with the folks in Austin.  (Not much hope, but maybe will get lucky.)

So, I'm preparing for no sulution to get the keypad fixed.  What about the idea of taking a keypad from a non-convection, model AEW3530DDB, and plugging it in.  Yes, I'll not have the convection features, but if I can get two working ovens, at least it's better than one.

TexMark want make you think touch tone pad is bad and its not the module ?Like Earl Dryer says. :popcorn:

Well, I have two opinions so far.  Earl Dryer suspects the control module (unit with two circuit boards that the control panel (keypad) plugs into with the two ribbon connectors) and in another thread I got this from AJ, "I would replace the control panel first as it's most likely the problem."  That thread in on this board at:

In the context of that discussion, I asked a pointed question and I believe AJ referenced the keypad as the "control panel", as is in drawings on the web site.  This issue is not uncommon and easily found on the web, and described with the same symptoms I have.  In fact, I found a Craigslist posting from a person in Oregon who replaced the circuit boards (module) first on his AEW4630 double-wall oven set (part number 74008880), but the problem wasn't corrected until he replaced thh keypad.  So, he's trying to sell the new module for $300.

Here's that ad:

I've seen other stories, like the one where the homeowner had a power outage and their keypad went out, which is exactly when I started to have problems.  I've yet to find a story where anyone fixed their issues with the module replacement, and it sure is odd that an outfit in Kansas City is advertising new modules for $45 each for the same part numbers I see on my module: 00N21615422 or (Maytag) 8507P287-60.  My guess is they are having a hard time finding buyers.


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