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Seeking Control Panel for AEW4530DDB

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OK, once you've stopped laughing and are back in your chair....

Yes, I know Whirlpool has stopped production/supply on part number 5765M471-60 (Whirlpool #74008257).  I've done the searches and calls to a handfull of parts houses.  If anyone has an avenue to find this part or ship it off for repair, I'd be much obliged.  I purchased this unit in July 2006 in a pair; this one having the convection oven options and the other being non-convection.  They look real nice, side by side and centered beneath the Amana gas cooktop, but will look like sh!t if I cannot get this one working again and am forced to replace it with a non-match to the paired unit.  So, my only option will be to replace both, unless we come up with another option.  That is, if I cannot get a working control panel, but can find a panel for the non-convection model (AEW3530DDB), do I have the option of putting the non-convection control panel in the convect unit, knowing that the convection features will not be available, but at least I'd have two functional units?

On another note, and it's my opportunity to vent frustration over this issue, I notice the forums for Maytag/Amana/Whirlpool?etc have more than twice the treads as the LG and Fridgidaire forums.  Is that indicative of anything regarding reliability and seviceability standards?  In other words, does it suggest LG and Fridgidaire are significantly better products?  Unless someone can convince me, otherwise, I'll NEVER own another Whirlpool/Amana/Maytag product, and will attempt to do proper due diligence to avoid buying products under a different name with Whirlpool parts.  It's shameful that I cannot find a replacement part for an item purchased, new, barely over 6 years ago.

Thanks for any advice!

Earl Dryer:
Tex, to anwser your question, there are more Whirlpool & Maytag products out there than LG & Frigidaire.
Now, about your control, There is a company in Austin (Fix Your Board. Com) 512 355 1108 that can probably rebuild your control. Give them a call with the part number and they will tell you if they can, but I would bet they can. They are good people and have done 4 or 5 obsolete boards for me and they back up their work.
Try 'em', you'll like 'em'!

The part he is talking about, 5765M471-60 (Whirlpool #74008257) is a panel with just the push buttons on it. Does repair them too?

Earl Dryer:
Didn't look to see that, AJ. You know the "assume" thing, he said he bought it in '06 so, I assumed, :oops: it was digital. I gave him their phone number, so he could talk it over with them, they may be able to repair it. Thanks for point that out!

The oven is digital, but the part he needs is just the user interface/buttons.
Anyway does provide a great service. Notice our link at the bottom of their website. :)


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