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Bought the washer & dryer set from Sears.  They were delivered on Friday.  I need to convert to LP gas.  I can't figure out how to get the front of the LG DLGX7188WM dryer opened up to change the oriface.

I tried to get it open, my home builder tried, the expert from Sears tried.  I have another guy coming this afternoon.

Does anyone have any schematics for this dryer?

try this similar model, also if you need the service manuals ect,

LG Gas Dryer

can you post a pic of the dryer?


Well, if you buy one of these things and have to convert it, make sure that you get someone who has worked with them before.  It took the technican an hour and a half to change to lp. 

You have to loosen screws at the back, then slide the whole top back, then remove the screws around the steam vent, then remove screws from the back of the control panel, then the front can be removed.  I don't think I would have bought if I knew what a mess this would be. 

I do like the way they clean and dry, so hopefully they will be worth all the frustration.

Never DID find the schematics, I think they must be too new.


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