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Need help w/wiring oven control switch, Roper FEP310VQ


switch shorted out two lower wires on both sides of control switch.  Got new switch but don't know exact placement of wires on lower part of both sides of switch.  Right side has 3 wires, a black, (upper) which didn't burn and is in correct place, and two on bottom that shorted out, a red and a black.  Which goes where?  On left side, there are six wires - four were not burned out, so have them correct, but bottom two have question about.  One is red w/white streak, the other is black (I think).  Which goes where?

The wiring diagram should help you figure it out. I have attached a copy to this post.
Look it over and let us know how it goes or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for posting...


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