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how do you guys make money?

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I think this old dog, post needs to be brought back up.  It motivated me and the information is so valid.  Been in the business for three years, and it has its ups and downs.  Have ran into every kind of customer, the I will buy a new one old timer that has had the same washer for thirty years and thinks the new ones will last the same. One said It will last until I die.  I said are you planining on dying in three years?  He thought I was joking and went ahead and GOT the new APPLIANCE JUNK. 

The Higher Priced Junk, affords us the opportunity to try and fix it, some new stuff already has a NLA tag to their part, that was not working right when it was new.  So SOME will SOME WONT SO WHAT, NEXT CALL..

I fight this battle in my MInd every time The Phone rings, What type of potential customer do I have on the phone?  Are they el cheapo
cant afford My service call fee let alone pay for the part.  I try to let them know that fee up front in a nice way.  POOR people cant believe that is for just showing up and usually hang  up.

YOU must learn to wear many hats, and Phone salesman skills, you cant hang up from the bad call, and let it carry over to the new call.

I have been struggling with this battle, like on a refrigerator.  I cant guarantee this will work, but if I try to fix it I still need to be Paid for my effort.  I have to buy this part and that part, then find out the unit still has another leak, and I fixed, found two already.

I have money in the three parts, lots of labor time, and its still not working.  Will I lose my money, for parts, IF it wont hold the charge.  This Extreme case sets my mind up to think, the next repair may be as bad.

So I tell my customer it may not be as simple as it seems, then I start listing all the high dollar parts that might be bad.  On the phone this terrorizes and traumatizes most customers.  I really dont know how bad it is until I get there.

Yes even though I installed the manufactures recommended fix it KIt, it does not always work.. let me see how many other kits and service pointers they issued to fix it.

Between the bad customer and the good ones, I have to stay on top of the Mental game.  Keep on researching and stay positive.  I get emotionally rocked and just want to quit, but then I go out fix a problem and my customer says, you're the best , and I will tell others about your great service.

Having a parts cash flow account has been my problem, I bought a guy a 50.00 cost part and he goes out of town for two weeks.  Had one lady after I ordered her parts cancel, sure I can return them but I lose money, Must recover this in service call fees, or have them Prepay for parts.  That is not possible unless you take cards on phone, and often they require a monthly fee, again another Admin fee, to run a modern business in the High tech world.

Being a salesman, and overcoming Objection or what they call walls, is what you have to learn.  Zig Ziglar said TIMID sales men have Skinny KIDS, that I believe applies to appliance repair people.  You have to share with them all the work required to move that big refrigerator.  I offer a shop drop off service, You can Save 35.00 trip fee if you take the doors off, get it emptied, load on trailer, and bring it to me.

When they think about all that Labor and sweat, my trip fee is now worth it.

I still dont charge as much as I should.  The blue book is a good way to see the numbers, but until you get a list, of good customers, who know the value of a good tech, you may have to discount service some to get gas for your vehicle.

I picked up a commercial customer, only problem is they pay after 30 days, and if you ordered them 200.00 in parts, and then get a bunch of calls that need 100.00 -200.00 cost Ice makers and boards, your cash flow in  parts account, goes empty, and so might your belly or gas tank.

where I live there is no parts distributor, and I really don't want a credit account.  The biggest thing , I, this see it getting bigger repair man has had to do, is just wait, and let it grow over time.

I try to sell surge protectors, because they need them, but I don't make lots of money on them. lol


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