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how do you guys make money?

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I am still new to appliance repair. The calls have been few and far between however I got a call today on a gas stove (Whirlpool SF3000ww1)
I found the gas safety valve to be defective. The supply house found one  in another state which means adding S&H. I  qoute them retail 91.00 plus my time and S&H WHich comes to about $175.00. Then I was told that they could buy a used one cheaper.

This is the third time this has happened to me what am I diong wrong? how do guys make money?

bro not that it would mean you would be making money, but you are collecting service call ? even if they opt not to repair. just want to make sure i understand your post.

I did collect a servie call but still that just coners your gas

Charge a higher service call rate, you should make at least a little profit if they decide not to repair.  Sell harder, $175 is not a bad price.  You're not just selling the repair, you're also selling convenience.  If they buy the used stove, they'll have to either haul it themselves or pay someone to do it.  Can they hook up the gas and not have it leak? And then, they will have to figure out what to do with their old stove.

How many of you do a flat rate instead of service call and labor? Appliance Blue book stuff is looking better every day.


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