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GE Bottom mount freezer GDS 18 SCRA2SS


The freezer drain trough freezes with ice. The drain is open.  I have installed a drain heater, but the trough still fills with ice.  Tempratures normal.  Evap fan and condenser fan both working.  No control board on this model.  Any ideas?

I have ran into this model before and have one at my house.As you no this model the evaporator is flat in the freezer and the drain system  trough has only a slight tilt.Adjust front legs on refrigerator to tilt it back more.Make sure Styrofoam and reflector are in good shape and drain is clear and also drain tube.When i work for G.E they told us to use baking soda to wipe down on drain trough with a mixer of baking soda and water and do not touch trough with fingers as this will leave a oil film on trough and water will not flow out right.I do this on all refrigerators.TILT IT BACK WITH FRONT LEGS TO GIVE IT MORE OF A TILT SO WATER WILL FLOW OUT BETTER.Make sure it as a 6 Hour DEFROST TIMER IN THERE .

Got any updates for us on this one?   :popcorn:


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