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Washer will not pump out

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I have replaced the water pump and the lid latch looks fine and seems to engage. Now What?

Model Number: lte5243dq3

Does the maching make any sound when you set it to spin and shut the lid?

You can't tell if a lid switch is OK unless you use a meter to check it or unless you bypass the lid switch wires. Looking at it don't count, unless you have calibrated eyeballs :)

did ya remember to plug the lid switch in?

How do you check the continuity of the lid switch. The wires are encased in something at the switch and there are no exposed ends.  If I scrape a place to check the wires are subject to corrosion, etc.  So there are two white wires and the green ground but there are no bare wires.   ??? :-\

Thanks for your help.

what you do is disconnect the quick plug going into the case.
then you check between the 2 outer wires on most models. The green wire is connected to ground so checking it does nothing.
put your leads into the 2 other conections in the case. With the lid shut it should read continuity. If you do not have a meter you could just jump the male plug out between the 2 other wires and see if that puppy will spin. Notice this picture(click on it to enlarge). The green wire in the middle is ground,do not bother it. The other 2 wires can be jumpered to see if it spins. It ain't recommended to leave it like that because teens will try to reach in and play grab the thong while the washer is spinning full blast and stuff. Not good. LOL But you can bypass it. By the way see the cabinet there. Those 2 outer wires should have continuity with the lid shut.


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