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New Member with Whirlpool ice maker problem

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I just jumped on board after I looked around and noticed the helpful people!
A little about me, I have some repair skills, I have repaired tankless water heaters, regular water heaters, a couple dryers, I have electrical tools and know how to use them! (mostly)
My problem;
I have a Whirlpool side by side model # ED2KHAXVB01, made 7/10
It has the in the door ice dispenser
It makes plenty of ice, just doesn't like to dispense it anymore
At first, noticed a clog in the chute. Like some ice went part way down and froze into a block
So cleared it out, also emptied bin from inside the door. I also removed the lever that locks the bin in place, it was always sticking and making it difficult to lift the bin and dump the ice into a cooler or whatever.
 I dried the bin completely, even left it out all day to be sure it was dry.
Then ice maker worked great for a couple weeks.
Next, it quit dispensing every time, if it wasn't dispensing you could open the door and close it, it then it would dispense.
Now for the last two days it has quit dispensing altogether, (still makes ice)
So I am thinking a switch has gone bad?

If your dispenser flap staying open?

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  :thanks: for your reply bigbuck!

No, it closes, takes 7 seconds to close, checked it multiple times

So the flapper opens but the motor does not run ?

 :thanks: Niobrara
That is correct, flapper opens and closes  and the motor does not come on, doesn't even make a sound (with or without ice in the bin)
How can I test it to see if its a switch or the motor?
For a few days, you could "trick" it by opening and closing the freezer door and try for ice again and it would work.
What's the best tool for popping off the plastic trim without breaking the plastic?


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