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warranty survey


would like to know how much of a business in the service industry should be warranty work
see some perks but not cost effective to 100%  otherwise the manufactures would be doing it themselves

Personally I don't do warranty work. I have enough other work to do.

I do whirlpool warranty work . Rather be doing charge calls ,pay sucks ,meeting their metrics suck,lots of inventory that you don't make money on .On the upside keeps me working during slow times .Usually customers who have appliances that  breaks under warranty are pissed with the product .you have to bite your tongue because your representing the company .

About 8 years ago, my business was 90% LG warranty work and 10% COD. 

About 6 years ago, my business was 80% LG warranty work, 10% extended warranty work and 10% COD

About 4 years ago, my business was 40% LG warranty work, 35% extended warranty work and 25% COD

About 2 years ago, my business was 30% LG warranty work, 40% extended warranty work and 30% COD

Today, my business is 15% LG warranty work, 10% extended warranty work and 75% COD.

Every year for the last 7 years, I was able to gross 6 figures but this year I'm slowing it down because I'm getting too old and tired.  Now I wanna enjoy life more and take more vacations. 

thanks all good input...
warranty seems to be something that has to be controlled
tying my parts bill up for warr. work is real touchy with me thats why iam being careful
what i take on...


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