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Thermador wall oven WO16A


I have an old Thermador wall oven that I love. The prongs on the bake element have died. Does anyone have or know where I can get original replacement parts?  The new elements do not work.

Earl Dryer:
Try Appliance Parts Pros. Part # 367646 see if that is the animal you are looking for.

Thanks earl but no that is not the part. The element in my oven has wire coils and 3 vertical prongs in the back the go into the receptacle. The prongs are corroded, I tried filing them but which worked before but not now.

I have had very good luck replacing it with a GE element wb44x5043 and hard wire it in to the oven. Install 2 screws into the oven cavity to secure and it solves the problem. :)


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