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GR448LXPS2 30" Electric Ceran Freestanding Range Self Clean Oven


Hello,I was hoping someone could help me.My Broil element is not working.I have replaced it and its still not working.I had someone come and they said it could be the Control Panel.Now I've heard that some relays in the control panel can be replaced.If so,how would I go about taking it out and where can I get a replacement Relay.Im trying to save some money in the hopes of not having to buy a new Control Panel.
Please help...Thanks Kim

To test the relay, turn on broil.  Check for voltage between the L1 and Broil terminals.  If you have 240vac, the relay is bad.  There is a part number on the relay. I get my relays from Mouser.  You will need soldering skills to replace it.


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