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Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator - Again

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iliineis You have been fighting with this refrigerator for awhile now.My reply #34 to lay on floor and look at bottom of door gaskets. I think you would of seen the problem back then.This is just a follow up on your new post on the same refrigerator.

Yes I have and you are absolutely correct. This door was tweaked years ago by my wife. I assumed that couldn't have anything to do with the freezing up. It looked like it was sealed above and below. I think what cinched the deal is the black plastic pieces appearing a few weeks ago under the hinge and the fact that the door swings open freely now with nothing to slow it down. I should have the parts in a few days. I will try to get it fixed asap and post my findings. I had been hesitating ordering parts and I am glad now. Now I got them all in one order, stove and fridge parts.


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