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Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator - Again

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Some units don't have one but anytime I get a 2nd freeze up I always check for one of them they gum up a lot

Most of the trios all have duckbills, but in the last couple of months I have found one on a side by side? Yours should have a p trap plastic drain on it ?Putting water in the evap drain will show you that it is clean,because the water should run thru it into the condenser pan. There is some bending involved,just go slow and take your time. Easy fix. Then let the unit run. Then as tgoods stated before, in time you will see if there are other issues.

The last time I cleaned it it drained fine. Now, this time I left the freezer empty so I can see the drain. It is indeed frozen up again. The black conduit in the bottom of the evaporator pan has a snow white glob right in the middle of it so it must be something underneath it causing it not to drain.  I wonder if i could have done something when I vacuumed it out from the back to cause a problem?

Getting back to plug drains.I am a big fan of using hot water and a turkey baster or a small nasal aspirator fill with hot water and squeeze it after drain is cleared and doing that 3 or four times and then using baking soda and and water and whipping down aluminum drain pan with rag and then use lemon juice and pouring the in the drain tube last Also install a heat probe on heater.This seems to work for me.I think some of the drain holes are to small in design.

I agree those drain holes are to small and I hate that duckbill do you install heater kit or just use copper wire


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