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Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator - Again

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The picture still looks like a plugged drain ? When you put water in the bottom of the evap, does it go down the ref drain ?

You have a duck bill on your drain in the back of the ref . This I would think is full of gunk. Take your rear panel off the back of the ref and reclean your inside drain and cut a corner off the duckbill ,after you clean it out .

The board is mounted in a box on the left side and has plastic stand offs like on the G E boards that holds there boards on. It's in the back of refrigerator. You just have to Neal down and take board out of box. This is a hard one to call as we no the drain is plug up. But that frost on the freezer control and water or frozen looking drops by fan makes me think its more than the drain. But saying that go with the cheapies way first. Try to see if cleaning drain again works.

Also anytime I see frost on food or on controls I would look for door that is not closing first.Both doors should shut at a 45 degree angle by themselves when let go.sometime kids do not shut the door right or some food product is in the way of one of the doors closing.Sometimes gasket need to be clean.Or front rollers need to be adjusted to get doors to shut at a 45 degree angle.All must be look at. And lay on floor and make sure gaskets are closing on bottom and sides.

Is there a way to test the heating element to make sure it works?


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