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Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator - Again

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This may help if  the touch controls is about the same as far as putting it  in defrost.There should be a diagram somewhere there to tell you maybe its by the control panel in there and you have to pull it down to get to it.

I found your model # from one of your first post and you have no touch tone board and A.J has the correct control part number.Good luck.

Thanks guys. It is still defrosting. Will keep you posted. No chance it could be the defroster element being bad? Should I order that too?

Oh my, 175 dollars. Ok. Can this thing be accessed by the back of the fridge or do you have to lean it back? In the diagram it looks like it might be accessible from the back. Anyone replaced this before?

It finally defrosted and I put it back together for now. I will order the part. Do you think I should replace the heating element too? If it was your fridge, would you?

If the defrost heating element works I don't see any point in replacing the element.

I have worked on a lot of Whirlpool refrigerators, but have never worked on one with this type of board in it. From looking at the diagram I would say the board can be access from the back without having to lean it back.

What do you think dab?


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