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Well, I got my ice maker fixed and now its snowing in my freezer. This thing is possessed. I turned the controls down to 3 and its snowing in my freezer and the eggs in the fridge are frozen. The vent hold from the freezer to the fridge is freezing over too.

Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator: Mod: GS6SHAXMB00 Ser: SR4054839Man Date: 10/04Type 26SSA

Background: The ice maker went out awhile back. I put in a new water valve and it still did not work. I put in a used ice maker from a friend and it ran for almost a year. Then it went out again. I vacuumed the coils off and jumped the controls and it still didn't run. I replace the ice maker and it works now but the freezer seems like it is stuck on full blast. The freezer and fridge have been on "5" for 8 years until this. Now they are on 3 and its still too cold.

Please tell me what is wrong with this thing. It seems like its one thing after another with this fridge.

If there is a way to diagnose this or if I need to get more info just let me know.


Ok, more to add.

Over the past couple of days there has been water in the floor in front of the fridge. I thought people were dropping ice cubes and letting them melt. Today however the water puddle was good size and I was the only one home. so I pulled it out and its dry underneath. I pushed it back and pulled the grill off and its dry as well. That was when I noticed the bottom of the freezer had about 4 inches of ice in the bottom. It formed to the bottom of the freezer so its coming in in liquid form.

I am thinking the water line that feeds the ice maker must be broken but you would think it would be leaking all the time unless its on the freezer side of the solenoid. I need to know how to get to it to check it but also, do you think this water is the cause of everything freezing up and the frost build up all over the freezer and the fridge side near the freezer vent?

Here are some pics:

Inside the aluminum grille piece in the back is where the water is coming from. The frozen ice flow (before I pulled the basket out) had a "valley" where the water had been flowing.

This is how it came out.

Your drain is plugged


--- Quote from: niobrara on November 24, 2012, 05:55:53 PM ---Your drain is plugged

--- End quote ---

That's what I would believe... O0


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