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Whirlpool WFW9450WW00 won't start

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Went out on this call today. I can select a wash cycle but I do not hear the door lock click/lock. Pushing the start button does nothing so I am leaning towards the door switch ass'y. Am I on the right track? It acts like the door is not closed even though there is nothing visibly broken.
Thanks guys.

That where I would start.

What I would try - pull the 2 wire connector on top of the motor control board .    If it then locks,  and fills but motor doesn't run,  could be motor control board.    Were there any error codes such as F-11 or such?

Thanks for the advice, no error codes at all which is why I thought the switch. However, if I turn out to be wrong, what is the location of the motor control pcb? I know the main pcb is located on the upper right side of the unit but not sure of the other. Thanks again.

Motor control board is the one mounted on the base of the machine.     


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