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Working on a Bosch dishwasher model # SHX33AO2UC/21 and it tries to drain but it stops then starts -  then stops - then starts but never drains.. Did Not find any blockage in the drain line and I can't figure out how to get the plastic guard underneath off to get to the pump.. If anyone can tell me or a video of how to get to the pump would be great also how do you get that brown plastic cover off the board so I can look at that as well.... Does this sound like a pump issue or a board issue? PLEASE HELP I do NOT usually work on Bosch.... Thanks In Advance for any help as I need to back on this in the morning!

(This is from memory so bear with me.  I haven't worked on one of these in a few months)Looking inside the dishwasher, on the bottom, unscrew the filter and remove the metal screen plate thing.  On the left hand side there should be one Torx screw holding a white plastic piece in place.  In there is the drain pump impeller.  Make sure there's nothing clogging things up in there.  That's the only place that would have an obstruction.

Remove the drain pump.. 1st remove front door panel then toe panel then remove lower panel beyond toe kick
Pump is held in by lock tab and turn ..the impeller could be stripped.  I do remember i had at one time a piece of glass       
In  the drain hose and could not see  cause it was clear glass  keep that one an open  mind to  that.
Good luck


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