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magic chef oven lights but blows out gas

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When you replaced the gas valve did you adjust the orifice. new gas valves do not come adjusted and are cranked down to insure LP stoves flames will not exceed halfway up the burner spreader. A 7/16th nut is located on top of the valve and is the adjustment.

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my wall oven has no screw at the valve body. The valve body is controlled electrically from the digital pad on the front of the oven. The air fuel mixer has not been touched since the gas man set it up. The valve body has one in from the gas regulator and splits one to oven one to broiler. and the four wired going to it from the control pad. The valve body is new. the igniter /glow plug is new.

Got any photos you can post. I can tell by looking at it. Post a pic of the oven burner valve.

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the valve is for the magic chef 9475 vyv  i am sure thats not the problem.. its ether the touch pad or maybe a temp sensor ?
 How can i check the digital pad to see if it works improperly before i send it out to get rebuild, I have a fluke meter. And if the digital pad works what could it be?

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Does anyone know how many ohms the temp sensor should draw at room temp lets say 65? That part is cheaper than the touch pad and they don't make the pad any more, i would have to send it away. Has any one got any recommendations as to where to get the dig pad fixed, if need be?


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