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magic chef oven lights but blows out gas

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Touch pad and ERC would not have anything to do with flame height. You have a restriction in your gas line or a plugged burner. Take some BB's from a BB gun and put them in the burner and shake like crazy. Then in stall and try it again. Also check the orifice on the oven as I have seen electrolysis plug 3 in the last year.(aluminum tubing and a brass orifice)

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All right ill give it a go.

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Ok so I took out the bake burner and checked it for obstructions and did the BB thing . I could blow throw the tube with out any problem.. The brass orifice had no obstructions and showed no sighs of any oxidation. Could any one tell me how large the flame should extend from the burner tube when working properly? what could be next? The broiler flames extend quite a way from the burner tube, if this is how the bottom burner should act i would like to know?

The bake valve should be adjusted to where the flame does not exceed halfway up the flame spreader. You do this by tweaking the orifice which has a 7/16th nut mounted on the safety valve just below the burner tube.

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fixed fixed thanks all blockage in brass nozzle/jet. The blockage looked tike lint? I poked in the nozzle carefully with my torch tip cleaner. I saw it looked closed and a poke and it moved so i put the vacuums on it..  Could this be removed with a socket wrench and checked out for real? I cooke hand made pizza yesterday. Oven seems to work fine. Thanks all this site is really a life saver.


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