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magic chef oven lights but blows out gas

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Hi All,
 It's been a long time my oven is broken. The oven lights but the flame is so small it blows out when the door is opened then closed. I have read all I can about this problem. The igniter in the bake side was replaced with new. The same results have occurred small flame. I replaced the gas valve that controls both broiler and bake. Still same result small flame. I checked to see is blocked air passage to bottom burner its clear. I also switched the top igniter which worked to start the broiler to the bottom bake burner it did not help.
What am I to do now?

Since the other burners are working, your gas pressure is probably okay.  Remove the orifice and make sure it's not clogged. 

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I checked the air gas mix openings for obstructions and there where not any blockages. I was thinking also that if there was a blockage that the flame would burn more yellow because its not getting air to burn blue.  The flame as small as it is, is blue. The flame is as small as a sesame seed. The gas into the house is good because the cook top works fine and so does the dryer.  The regulator for the wall oven must work fine because the broiler works fine.

Spider web in the burner?

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If i have replaced 2 parts, one that light the gas and the gas valve whats next? The third part is the control pad. The controller that works the broiler does set high and low broil properly. How do i check it for the oven? I have a meter. The last part is the regulator and that works, it's letting in gas for the broiler.


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